Zoella's Biography


Zoe Elizabeth Sugg ( a.k.a Zoella) is a british youtuber/blogger that makes beauty and life-style videos. She also likes to do collaborations with her other youtube friends, such as Louise Pentland ( Sprinkle of Glitter), Marcus Butler 
(Marcus Butler tv), Tanya Burr etc.

She has 11,762,103 subscribers, with the title of " most subscribed female vlogger in UK" and also has 3 play button rewards: 

100,000 subs earned in 2011 
1,000,000 subs earned in 2013
10,000,000 subs eaned in 2016

Zoe was born in Wiltshire on the 28 March 1990, has a younger brother called Joseph Sugg ( ThatcherJoe ) and her parents are Tracey Sugg and Graham Sugg 

At the moment, she lives in Brighton with her You tube boyfriend, Alfie Deyes ( PointlessBlog), and a lovely female 2-year-old black pug called Nala.

Zoe is a rolemodel to a lot of young girls and teens (one of which would be me 😜😂) and has a lot of responsabilities on her shoulders like wearing appropriate clothing and using appropriate language when filming. 

Zoe revealed in one of her videos that the nickname "Zoella" came about in secondary school, when her friends came up with it. Her channel name was originally "Zoella280390" but because it was too long she shortened it to "Zoella "

In 2015, Zoe said that "2015 would be the year of change"... for her hair: her hairdresser said that it was 33 inches and then cut half of it off!

Zoe has done a lot of photoshoots for big magazines and some of them with her friends. One of her current photoshoots was with her brother for their merch restock.

The Suggs have released their own merch called 'Sugg Life' that incudes stickers, hoodies, phone covers, t shirts, posters and a 2017 calendar. 

This amazing 27-year-old woman has every social media you could imagine and if any of you would like to add/follow her, the links are below.

Her most viewed video on her main channel (Zoella) is called "7 second challenge with Miranda Sings" and it has 20,860,685 views and her most viewed video on her second channel (MoreZoella) is called "Chopping off my hair" and it has 5,757,159 views.


I've started secondary school  and it is great: you get to do a lot more things than you did in primary school , learn a lot more subjects and the teachers are so nice to you and if you fell sad or upset , they will try their best to make it better.

Of course if you don't behave in the way they want you to , you're going to get  in trouble , but most of the time they are super kind . 
And most certainly , the school is big and it has lots of buildings, so you could potentially get lost the first couple of days if not the whole week! Now , this sounds scary but if you're not sure where to go, don't hesitate to ask older people : they are there for you whenever you need them! 

Don't worry too much about the homework because if they do give you some, they give you plenty of time to get it done and it's not that hard : it's not like your first day you finish a maths lesson and already they give you a super hard math aquasion (e.g. : 2x8%of the mass=?%of the$ made in £ translated into € ) 

So there you go, that was a few advices for you in year 6 that are nervous about going up to secondary school and my top tip in this article for you is : just have fun, try and make as many friends as possible and don't worry! 

;-) love u lots 
by Emanuela