Video presentation of myself what do you feel speaking to a camera

This is my first video presentation but, first of all I just wanted to say that you've helped me soooo much this couple of weeks by reading my blog-posts. So I decided that if the blog would go well, I would do videos!
Now: this is a new thing for me and I'm taking a massive step and you've got to help me out! Here's what I want you to do: just sit back and relax! Because with videos you just need to watch them, so simple and so helpful!
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Thanks for watching and listening
Ciao ciao... Emanuela

We're kids... Let's have a party

Let's go and have a party 
because we are kids!
When they're away, we eat ice-cream all day
because we are kids!
When we go to the beach and play with sand, we get super-dirty
because we are kids!
When we were babies, we ate stuff all sorts we always made a mess 
because we are kids!
Everything we do we think is cool and then say:
let's go and have a party 
because we are kids!


 This was a poem that I wrote on my "book of funnels" and I wanted to share it with you because that is basically true!